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Testimonial Video Production Gurgaon | IMT Manesar

Now, it is evident that testimonial video production is one of the most influential marketing tool in terms of business. Nothing is better than putting your customers on camera and talk about your company.

Testimonial videos are a way to share reviews of happy customers. Putting your best clients on the screen is an interesting way to improve the sales of your product or services. Generally, Audiences connect with stories heard from the mouth of customers. 

Audiences connect with these videos as they display the problems they are facing every day, and your product or the service you are providing brings the solution for it. Moreover, these videos are based on the daily lives of a normal human being, so these testimonial videos have a long-lasting impact on our minds.

What is the use of such Testimonial Videos?

As per a survey, 64% of people are likely to buy a product after watching the video. Therefore, this percentage clearly states that a good professional testimonial video is surely going to give a big rise in your business. They can even be uploaded on your homepage or even on various social networking websites.

After your present customers have invested some energy finding out about what you do, presenting this sort of video can make them sure that about the product or the service they were thinking of to buy. 

They build trust and credibility: A happy customer is your company’s most powerful salesperson and a video testimonial shows their satisfaction is to its full potential.

They enhance referrals: When a customer is asked to be prepared for a testimonial video, they feel valued and trusted. Due to which they start talking about it, in their groups or social networks. Some customers may even share the video among their networks, providing further credibility to your business.

These videos are easily shareable on social media: A survey said, around 78% of people watch videos online per week. Moreover, 75% of businessperson watches work-related videos at least weekly. This is the power of testimonial video.

They are a power email-marketing tool: If an email contains the word “video”, it is 19% more probable to open. Moreover, it increases clicks by 65%.

 Qualities of extraordinary Testimonial video makers

  • They make authentic videos with correct personal details and the client is real as well.
  • Natural emotions are recorded in the testimonial videos. The videos are not scripted neither anyone is forced to speak in favor of the product or the service in the video.
  • The videos that the Testimonial video makers make are not very promotional. After all, it is about your customers.
  • They believe in clear problem statements and solution narration, in the form of a short story.
  • The Testimonial Video makers also chose only those customers, who are quite certain about the product of which they are going to speak about.

How does Video Production Company make an idea for customer testimonial videos?

Video Production Companies recognize clients who are satisfied with your product and are also confident to face the camera. This is a quite tedious task; however, professionals know this very well and search the most appropriate one from the big client pool. After the correct customers are chosen, they are made more comfortable during the pre-meet.   Almost all the organizations are getting benefited from a Testimonial Video. As they provide social proof, trust me, it works every time. When someone is facing a problem for a long duration and suddenly you get a solution for it, this trick is what a testimonial video works upon improving a business. After studying the current market trends, and choosing the correct audience, these testimonial videos can do wonders.

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